Division I
A Fraction divided by a Whole Number

Mona hands out Jelly Beans

Mona has a bag of jelly beans, which is still filled to 2/3. She shares them with her friends Oliver, Emily and Joshua.

Formula: Divide Fractions by Whole Numbers

A fraction is divided by a whole number by multiplying the denominator by the whole number and keeping the numerator.

The result often can be simplified / reduced.

Example: 2/3 ÷ 4

Let's use the procedure for our 4 friends:

Everyone gets 1/6 bag of jelly beans.

Trick: Simplify the Fraction or Whole Number BEFORE dividing!

Before dividing the fraction by the whole number, first check whether you can simplify the fraction. This reduces the numbers and makes the division easier.

The whole number may also be simplified with the numerator of the fraction.

If you have simplified as much as possible before dividing the fraction by the whole number, the result cannot be further simplified.

Simplify the Fraction before Dividing:

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