The Fraction Bar

The sword of the samurai

In the past, the samurai were the Japanese Emperor's warriors. The training as a samurai was hard and often started at the age of three.

No wonder the samurai were highly respected, but also feared.

The samurai's most famous and perhaps most important weapon was his sword, the Katana.

Maybe you have seen on TV how sharp this weapon is and how good the samurai can handle it?

Faster than the eye can see, the samurai demonstrates his incredible skill by splitting an apple into small pieces as if it was thin air!

Imagine, the samurai has 4 spectators and the apple is divided into 4 pieces.

Like the sword of the samurai, the fraction bar divides the apple into 4 pieces as well:

Everyone gets 1 ÷ 4 =  1/4 apple.

The fraction bar means "divide by"

Did you notice that divide is always written in bold? Exactly that is the meaning of the fraction bar!

The fraction bar is a another notation for "divided by", or the symbol "÷" used for division.

The fraction bar indicates that the numerator is to be divided by the denominator.

Definition Bruchstrich

The result is a number that is equal to the value of the fraction. But this is the subject of the next chapter...

Video: Fractions Are Division!

"A Fraction is just a Number that is written like a Division Problem."

Finally, a video about the fraction bar: Fractions Are Division!:

Congratulations! Step 1 is done!

Great! On the last pages you have learned, that fraction is defined by numerator, denominator and fraction bar. The fraction bar has the same meaning as "divided by".

Improper Fractions can be converted into a Mixed Number and vice versa.

By swapping the numerator and the denominator you get the Reciprocal of a fraction.

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