Now you know what a fraction is and above all you know the meaning of the fraction bar: "divide by".

Exactly that, namely the meaning of the fraction bar as another notation for "divide by", we will use to calculate a bit in this chapter.

If you do this, you get a number as a result - and we are already on the first topic...

Page 1: A fraction as a number

Understand how to convert a fraction in a number.

Page 2: Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers is the set of all numbers that can be written as fraction.

Page 3: A number as a fraction

The reversal of page 1 - Learn how to convert a number in a fraction.

Page 4: Sorting fractions

Since each fraction has a value, you can sort fractions by their value. Sometimes it is not so easy to see, but there are also cases where you can see it at first glance.

Finally, I'll show you some tricks where it is easy to sort fractions by their value.

Let's continue with: "A fraction as a number"