Natural Numbers

Lady Gaga Superstar

Lady Gaga is a superstar! Almost everyone knows Lady Gaga, each of her songs is a hit.

Before Lady Gaga there were already other superstars: Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatels, ... - maybe the first superstar was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The superstars in the world of numbers belong to the set of Natural Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
Therefore all the whole numbers, starting with "Mozart" among the numbers: 1.

The natural numbers are at least as well known and familiar to us as our superstars, since they are being met again and again - day after day.

Rational Numbers

Beside the superstars there are a lot of smaller stars, let's call them ordinary stars. They are also well-known, but not as omnipresent as the superstars.

In the world of numbers, this role is occupied by the set of Rational Numbers. This refers to all fractions, regardless of whether they are written as ordinary fractions, mixed fractions or as a decimal number.

Relationship Natural Numbers - Rational Numbers

Just as every superstar is included in the set of ordinary stars, the Natural Numbers are also a subset of the Rational Numbers.

Illustration of natural and rational numbers

Also note that all sets are infinite. As there is always a following number for any given number, there will always be new stars and superstars - as long as the world continues turning.

Video: Rational Numbers

Finally, a video about: Rational Numbers:

A fraction on the number ray

Although we don't want to deal with decimal numbers here, there is another way to illustrate rational numbers - the good old number ray.

For this purpose, divide the space between two whole numbers into as many equal parts as the denominator of the fraction is. Then count as many parts as the numerator of the fraction is.

For example, the fraction 3/8 can be illustrated on the number ray:

Illustration of a fraction on the number ray

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