A fraction is a number

Chinese for beginners

chuāng. This is Chinese and means window.

Two completely different terms, but both have the same meaning. Depending on the environment you are in (i. e. in which country), it makes more sense to use either one or the other term.

A fraction can also be translated. If you have read the page The fraction bar - The sword of the samurai, , then you know that the fraction bar is only a different notation for "divide by", i. e. the symbol "÷" at division.

Conversion of a fraction into a number

Calculate the value of an fraction by dividing the numerator by the denominator. Most of the time this division doesn't work, then you get a decimal point number. The decimal numbers are a topic of their own in school and are treated after the fractional arithmetic. This page is only about fractions.

For example the fraction 10/5 is given.

The quotient of 10 and 5 is the number 2.

10/5  =  2

The number 2 has exactly the same value as the fraction, so it means exactly the same. As with the translation of a word from Chinese to English, we have translated a word from the language "fractions" into the language natural numbers".

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