Addition I - Whole Number plus Fraction

Pocket Money Hike

Oliver gets $5 in pocket money. His parents give him a 4/5 dollar hike.

"Great!", thinks Oliver. "But how much do I get now?"

Formula: add Fraction plus Whole Number

When adding a whole number with a fraction, you can write the result directly as a mixed number by simply omitting the plus sign.

Oliver now gets:

5 Dollar + 4/5 Dollar = 5 4/5 Dollar

Online Practice: Adding Fractions with Whole Numbers

Here you can practice adding fractions and whole numbers online: Add a Fraction to a Whole Number.

If you have any problems with the exercise, please have a look at the hint and the sample solution first.

Since there is still some space left on this page, let's do a short review and quickly convert the 4/5 Dollar into cents ...

1 Dollar equals 100 cents. We would like to know:

On the page Multiplication I - Fraction multiplied by Whole Number (Baking Cookies) you learned:

Oliver now gets a hike of 80 cents, in total 5,80 Dollar.

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