Fraction Arithmetic is SIMPLE
Even for YOU!

The Secret?

Step by step you will study everything you need to know about fraction arithmetic.

Did I write study? Sorry, you have to study enough in school! But here you will also understand! is the leading site about fractions in Germany. This is the English version

Understanding is the secret!

The teacher explains, the students listen.

But YOU? Do you really understand everything?

If so, congratulations! You must be a math genius. Solving the exercises is only a matter of time for you.

If not, you have to practice, practice, practice...

"Practice, practice, practice" was yesterday

Okay. Through practicing you can find out that the "stuff really sits". And it's important to solve exercices faster.

But if you don't understand, practicing is boring and pointless.

Take as much time as you want, but before you start any exercises, make sure you understand the subject! If necessary read the text again, try to find your own examples.

Fractions Calculator with step-by-step solutions

The Online Fraction Calculator is a good method to understand. Type any exercise about fractions and follow the step-by-step solution - "Learning by watching".

The Fraction Calculator is not intended to do your homework, but you are welcome to use it for control.

Follow this way:

Step 1: Get the basics

You know: A fraction has a numerator, denominator and fraction bar.

But that is not enough - understand what it means!

Step 2: A fraction as a number!

Probably the most important step - you will understand why . a fraction is a number and how you can transform one into the other.

Step 3: Your toolbox - Simplifying, Expanding, Common Denominator

Almost all exercises can be solved with these three tools: Simplifying, Expanding, Common Denominator

Learn to use them properly!

Step 4: Adding and Subtracting

Now it's time to start calculating. But after you have understood the first 3 steps, adding and subtracting is straightforward.

Step 5: Multiplying and Dividing

The same is true for this case: after you have understood the first 3 steps, multiplying and dividing is really simple.

Let's start with: "Get the basics"!